**KodyOnline.pl store rules**

**§1 General Provisions**

1. The Regulation defines the rules of use and operation of the KodyOnline.pl online store, available at https://kodyonline.pl.

2. The owner of the store and at the same time the operator of the website is the company [Company name], whose legal address is at [Company address], entered in the register of entrepreneurs maintained by [relevant authority], under the NIP number. [Identification tax number].

3. Using the offer of the KodyOnline.pl store means that the user agrees to these rules.

4. The KodyOnline.pl store operates on the principles set out in these rules, as well as in accordance with the provisions of Polish legislation, in particular the Civil Code, the Consumer Rights Act, the Act on the Provision of Electronic Services and provisions on the protection of personal data, including the GDPR.

5. The store owner reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. Changes take effect from the moment of their publication on the store's website. Agreements concluded before the amendments to the regulations are made according to the rules in force on the day of purchase.

**§2 Definition**

1. User – any natural person, legal entity or organizational unit without the status of a legal entity that uses the Internet store.

2. Consumer - according to the definition of the Civil Code, user - a natural person who enters into transactions with the owner of the store, not directly related to his business or professional activity.

3. Product – all goods and services offered in the KodyOnline.pl store, especially game codes and vouchers.

4. Sales contract - a contract for the sale of goods within the meaning of the provisions of the Civil Code concluded between the owner of the store and the user.

**§3 Terms of use of the store**

1. The condition for using the store is to read and accept the rules.

2. The user is obliged to use the store in accordance with the law and good practice, respecting personal rights and intellectual property.

3. The store owner undertakes to provide services at the highest level, in accordance with current standards and legal regulations.

**§4 Procurement procedure**

1. To make a purchase, the user selects a product and then proceeds to the purchase process.

2. Purchases in the store are possible without the need for registration and authorization.

3. After selecting the product and confirming the selection, the user is prompted to enter the necessary data for placing the order


4. After ordering and payment, the user receives a purchase confirmation and information about the delivery date.

**§5 Rights and obligations of the parties**

1. The user has the right to:

     - use the store's offer in accordance with legislation and regulations,

     - protection of your personal data in accordance with the GDPR and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data,

     - submission of complaints and refusal of the contract in accordance with the legislation.

2. The user is obliged to:

     - provision of true and up-to-date data in the order form,

     - payment of the cost of the ordered goods,

     - not taking actions that may hinder or disrupt the operation of the store.

3. The store owner has the right to:

     - changes to the store's offer,

     - refuse to process an order if there is a suspicion that it is against the law or regulations,

     - temporary suspension of the store for technical or other justified reasons.

**§6 Protection of personal data**

1. Users' personal data is processed in accordance with the GDPR and the Personal Data Protection Act.

2. The manager of personal data is the store owner.

3. Personal data is processed for the purpose of executing the sales contract and, after providing the appropriate consent, for marketing purposes.

4. The user has the right to access his data, correct, delete or limit processing, as well as the right to object to processing and the right to transfer data.

**§7 Final Provisions**

1. The store owner reserves the right to make changes to the regulations. Changes take effect from the moment of their publication on the store's website.

2. Any disputes arising in connection with the use of the store will be resolved by competent courts in accordance with the provisions of Polish law.

3. These rules enter into force from the moment they are published on the store's website.

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